Our Friend Tim

Tim has been a long-term client through our work with Magnum Photographers so when he went freelance he came to us for his identity and to refresh his website. For the website, we utilised the Squarespace CMS where Tim can update his own portfolio for content in a design-controlled way without coming to us.

The identity has a very pleasing Piet Zwart influence about it. The circles are derived from the letterform counters (and an upside-down ‘tittle’ — look it up!), exaggerated, and coloured with optional ‘connections’ described by three various weighted rules. 
There are five definitive colour variations to the identity (out of a possible 20) from a six-colour palette (when laid out makes for a colourful ‘punch card’ — might come in handy). The rules can appear in multiple states of rotation and in multiple positions. Plenty of options now and going forward.