Various Identities

In an effort to keep our website lean we are keen to have a limited number of projects on here at any one time – but that‘s not to say that there isn’t more going on than you can see on the website. A lot of our projects are simply an identity (no website, no literature), or an illustration to support the logo, or they may be a little outside our ‘heritage, luxury, art and culture’ focus as some of these are (credit where credit’s due to Kim at All Things New Biz for helping us clarify that focus too).
A lot of these examples are self-explanatory: not all had a creative session to clarify the name (partners attended from around Europe), or; extended an existing identity to include another three, or; online identity guidelines (made much easier by Frontify), or; a midnight phantom who would frame London street signs with all sorts of picture frames, or even; a custom-drawn typeface.